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Project  coordination

We are happy to discuss your project  with your choice of tradesmen or provide recommendations.  We can even guide DIY homeowners in the right direction to help avoid costly mistakes.   On more complex projects, we can work with your architect or engineer for structural work if needed.  We can also fully oversee your project from start to completion.

Staging & styling & SHOPPING

Staging and styling is not as intense as full-service interior design.  It is usually a quick change of moving furniture, accessories, and artwork, to instantly create a more inviting environment.  This can be done for homes and offices that are currently occupied.  Additionally, it is often done to prepare a property for sale.  This has been proven time and time again to provide appeal and generate more dollars for the property.  As a property is staged, often a shopping trip is ordered to finalize the look, or furniture and accessories may be rented, or a list may be generated to give the owner guidance on what items might be essential.  With Muller Design Company, you can shop anywhere you want!  We just help guide you to make the best, most informed decisions possible.  

FurnishingS & SELECTIONS

We often create material boards, or mood boards, as a way to visualize a completed space.  We go through a process of discussing general preferences with our clients, and then create a visualization board of all applicable materials and textures for that space.  This often includes  colors, furnishings, flooring, plumbing fixtures, molding details, cabinetry, light fixtures, paints, stains, accessories, rugs and more. These boards are concept based, and still allow the homeowner to make adjustments, implement changes, and go shopping for items armed with much more confidence!  

concept drawings

Our concept drawings are a very exciting and unique part of what we do.   This is where the designer's plan comes to life for the client.  Our concept drawings are often hand rendered or computer 3D drawings or just quick sketches to convey an idea.  We find this gives many of our clients the confidence to proceed in the process.


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exterior planning

We didn't start out doing exterior planning.  But many of our clients wanted to address  how their outdoor environments affected their indoor environments.  Plus, Kerrin has an absolute love for the outdoors!  We create exterior plans that incorporate landscape work, architectural features, additions, pools, walkways, fire pits, patios, retaining walls, etc.

detailED drawings

Not all projects require detailed drawings, such as 3D drawings, elevations, lighting plans or cabinetry layouts.  But quite often they are needed to proceed with final decision making and construction.  Detailed drawings are used for project communication and project management, and can save the client  money in the long run. 


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color & Material ADVICE

Oftentimes, clients just want quick advice, not full plans.  We can come out for a site visit where we discuss color, existing materials, furnishings, fixtures, the use of the spaces, the architecture and the light that affects the room.  We are on site for a minimum of 2 hours, and can answer any questions you may have.  You may get all of your questions answered in that meeting, or you may request additional hours for continued advice, shopping, reviewing purchases, etc.  A great designer can certainly put your mind at ease about major purchases, big decisions, and how they will affect the rest of your space.  

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kitchen and bath design

Our kitchen and bath plans can be created 

for new construction or remodel.  We plan the ​space, cabinetry, lighting, plumbing, other  materials, and consider the surrounding spaces for maximum efficiency.  We can help you purchase materials directly through dealer of your choice, or provide through our own network of resources. 

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space planning

Space planning is where it all begins.  We plan small rooms, whole house remodels, kitchens, baths, unfinished basements, additions, and custom home plans.  The entire space, views, utilities and more needs  must be addressed, as well as how they relate to adjacent rooms.  Good design starts with a great space plan.